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He found a new Writing essay map and Jump started an age of exploration like no other. After he found the Americas there was massive colonization, giant trade increases and more resources.

Europeans learned new ways, helping agriculture and exploration boom, but the answer is no.

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Columbus is a villain. After reading this paper I will have you convinced that he is a villain cause the destruction to the Native culture. Due to the discovery of the Americas, the Taints were overcome Gatsby study questions w answers severe disease. The Spanish having immune blood cells making it easier to shake off their sickness, but the natives did not.

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Developmental biology notes Disease was the worst component for the natives. According to an article Christopher Columbus, Hero and Villain no resistance to European ailments, the Taint succumbed to smallpox and typhoid in droves.

Numbers had dropped fromto a few hundred. In the same article the say that the Taint population went extinct in Exaction and Violence was another reason why the Taint culture was shut down.


He showed the Queen what he had discovered and was Instantly named admiral. He was sent back to the New World with seventeen ships, and up to fifteen-hundred men. The overall goal was to convert the Natives to become Christian, but Columbus soaked gold. Columbus crew enslaved and raped many of the innocent Natives.

So the supplies he took with him East is east gcse coursework himself and his crew ran out before the voyage was over.

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After the supplies ran out, the crew began to starve and became ill. Instead of doing what would be in the best interest for his crew, like stopping somewhere for them to recuperate or bringing them home, Columbus forced his crew to continue on the journey.

He neglected the needs of his crew when they needed him. And, this proved to be evident as Columbus treated the Tainos horribly. When he first met the Columbus, he automatically thought about how easily he could make them into essays and how easily he could convert them to Christianity.

Columbus wrote about it himself. He Shakespeare essay conclusion going to villain, probably forcibly, these the people from their homes and change everything about them and their beliefs.

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When Columbus was governor of Hispaniola, his cruel behavior only got worse. If his workers did not gather enough gold, they would have their hand cut off and Spanish rebels were executed in the gallows. When colonists began to complain to the monarchy in Spain, Queen Isabella sent an investigator to the New World to see what was going on in the colony.

Christopher Columbus was sent back to Spain in chains in August Even the most evil beings should never have to endure this degree of brutality.

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Another reason why Columbus should not be celebrated is because he was inept at math. Christopher Columbus did not know how to do math, so when he was trying to plan the voyage, he made many miscalculations and misjudgments.

He was even advised by many experts that he made quite a few errors.

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When he tried to get European monarchies from England, Portugal, and France to fund his voyage, they all refused because his calculations were wrong. He fiercely underestimated the circumference of the Earth and the size of the oceans.

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These mistakes lead to the starvation, and in some cases the death, of his crew members as I stated before. Columbus was also inept at being a governor, as mentioned before.

He knew nothing about running a fair government. He brutally abused the Native Americans and sometimes even murdered them and sometimes took their homes and their goods under his rule.

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The only thing Columbus proved he was good at was being a cruel, inhumane villain that had no compassion for others and their feelings. Is that something you want students to think of as acceptable and something that should be celebrated? As well as being cruel and inept, Christopher Columbus was also a disrespectful and narcissistic man.

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At the same time, while writing an essayyou may mention that the voyage of Christopher Columbus has brought some fruit.