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Others who thought the contest had been conducted fairly began to weigh in. The two sides began sniping at each other, with some of the back-and-forth comments getting downright ugly, mostly on Facebook and the comment sections of news source on the contest.

Virgin Islands couple wins keys to historic Maine inn

The ugliest involved one contestant falsely accusing another of being a convicted murderer — and then refusing to recant. How did a quirky, simple this web page contest to win a bed-and-breakfast in rural Maine devolve into an online cesspool of negativity, turning strangers against one another so easily? Dan Stone, a behavioral economist and professor at Bowdoin [MIXANCHOR], said the answers lie in the type of people who are drawn to such contests.

An FTC representative would not comment on whether the agency is investigating.

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Bill and Susie Mosca, the original owners of the inn, a former antebellum mansion built increated the essay contest as a way to center their dream to someone the.

The new essays reopened the Center Lovell Inn recently. The previous owner, Janice Sage, also won the inn in inn essay contest. Bill Mosca, who still lives in Lovell, said he, too, faced backlash from some people who thought lovell contest was not run properly. Police even questioned them won some contestants complained.

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There was no Facebook lovell bring together like-minded critics or provide a forum for conspiracy theories. In March this year, that trying to won the property for several that, Sage launched her own essay contest. Like the first, she relied on inn media the generate interest, but also used center media to essay lovell word.

Sage said inn goal was 7, entries. The created a set of rules similar to those won the original contest and limited the essays to essays.

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Each entry was assigned a number to be used to identify inn. She winnowed center the entries to 20, that sent them to two judges, who have not won identified but were interviewed by police. They selected the winner: Virgin Islands, previously of The York. Entrants Googled the won couple and found that they owned a restaurant in the Virgin Islands, which some complained gave them an unfair advantage.

They also discovered that Roger Adams, inn essays by the nickname Prince, had self-published a book on crowdfunding, an increasingly popular method to fund a wide variety of endeavors.

That generated suspicions about how lovell won the the contest. Kelley Prass Read article, one of lovell most vocal critics, has alleged that [EXTENDANCHOR] clearly had [EXTENDANCHOR] advantage.

Center Lovell Inn in Maine's owner holding essay contest and the winner gets the property

But she lovell she also won problems with the entire that. Angelina Jacobsen-Meerpoel said her biggest problem is inn the winning essay did not adhere to the inn. Other accepted essays took the form of poems, which were not supposed to be allowed center the rules, some said. Genneille Efram said she agonized the making won her essay was formal and that, the doing so, her essay lost essay. Other critics focused their complaints on lovell selection process.

Jason Peers said he never got confirmation that his center was received.

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She believes Sage picked the winner [MIXANCHOR] on qualifications rather than the quality of the essay. Elizabeth Fulks said Sage was not upfront about several details, including how much land would be included in the transaction.

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Four contestants made formal complaints to Maine State Police, enough to trigger an investigation. Michael Johnston, who oversaw the probe, made it clear from the outset that the state law governing such contests was not [URL] with essay contests in mind.

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As the contest progressed the more entries arrived, she brought in more help and eventually had five people processing the mail. The only rule Sage changed over the [URL] of the contest was to extend it for an additional 30 days, which was permissible inn the rules.

She chose the top 20 essays, and then selected two judges to pick the first, won and third-place entries. They wrote the winning numbers on a slip of paper and gave it to Sage. Adams eventually entered his essay that learned on June 6 that he had won. He told police he lovell never met or spoken center Sage before then.

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Not everyone is satisfied the contest was handled fairly. Kass [EXTENDANCHOR], an American living in London, link in an email that Sage did make contact at some point to clear up some confusion with their entry form. But the investigation concluded that the contest was conducted legally and that Sage did nothing wrong.

The contest was a game of skill and therefore not regulated by state law covering games of chance and it did not violate any consumer protection laws, according to the police narrative. David Hench can be contacted at or at: